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Thornton Stump Removal

Whether the tree fell on its own or you had it taken down, the remaining stump needs to be removed. That is where Thornton Towers Tree Service comes in. Let us help you remove that annoying stump from your yard  – we make getting rid of stumps a breeze!

Leaving a stump after tree removal can lead to a lot of undesirable situations, from disease and pest infestations to equipment damage. We have a lovely stump grinder that would love to meet that stump and reduce it to small harmless chips.

Give us a call and get that stump removed pronto!

The Main Advantages of Stump Removal

Stumps are unsightly and can stick out like a sore thumb. That’s why we recommend immediate removal to reclaim the visual appeal of your yard. Here are a few other reasons why that stump needs to go.

Hazard Elimination

Stumps are hazards that you need to move around, making them a huge inconvenience. For example, they can damage your lawn mowing equipment if you happen to hit them with it. Furthermore, they are potential tripping hazards for kids and pets who are playing in the yard. Stump removal makes your yard safer.

Free Space

If your yard is small, having a tree stump will eat up a significant amount of space. Wouldn’t you rather use that space for worthwhile ideas like a small garden or chill spot? Having us grind down that stump will free up some space in your yard, allowing you to bring your ideas to life.

Prevents Regrowth

When we grind the stump, it gets entirely removed – all the way to below ground level. A leftover stump means the tree can sprout again. In a few years, you’ll be looking at another tree removal situation on your hands. You can avoid this added cost and headache by hiring a tree service for complete stump removal.

Prevents Spread of Diseases and Pests

Pests and diseases love to breed in tree stumps. If you don’t remove the affected tree stumps, these agents of destruction can launch an attack on the rest of your yard. Removing the stump is the best course of action to prevent an infestation that can affect the health of surrounding trees and shrubs.

Provides Mulch

The most significant advantage of stump grinding is the leftover wood chips, which you can use as mulch. You can spread these leftovers on top of the surrounding soil. The benefits of doing this include retaining moisture providing insulation, reducing the evaporation rate, and hindering or preventing weed growth.

Stump Removal FAQ

Can I rent a stump remover myself?

Despite how the situation may look, stump grinding is not a simple job. You might end up doing the stump removal job ineffectively, meaning the tree will regrow. Furthermore, a stump grinder is not a machine that untrained individuals can handle. One wrong move can lead to property damage or severe injury. You are better off leaving the job to the pros like Thornton Towers Tree Service.

How do you remove a tree stump?

At Thornton Towers Tree Service, we use a stump grinder for tree removal. A stump grinder is a small self-propelling tractor that looks like a cross between a circular saw and a lawnmower. We roll the machine onto the stump, where a blade with multiple teeth grinds the stump into tiny pieces. One of our operators will help guide the stump grinder, ensuring they reduce the stump to below ground level.

What happens to the hole in my yard?

After the stump grinder grinds the stump into the ground, there will be a hole to fill. Since there will be many leftover wood chips, you can use them to cover the gap. An alternative would be to import some soil and place it in the hole. Whatever you decide, we will be there to help you get the ground cavity filled.

How do you get rid of the roots?

Once we remove the stump, the tree is effectively dead because the roots will die as well. Roots cannot grow without nutrients, which the tree’s leaves provide. Without their source of nourishment, each root will eventually perish on its own without the need for uprooting. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that the tree is gone for good.

What happens to the leftover wood chips?

A stump grinder leaves a huge mess by the time it finishes chewing down the stump. As mentioned earlier, you can use the residual wood chips as mulch for the surrounding soil. You can also collect the wood chips and place them in your green waste bin for disposal. If you need helping in cleaning the mess, we’d be more than glad to assist you.

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